Women: Five Lies that Ruin Relationships by Chip Ingram – led by Ellen Kimes – Grace Cottage @ 5:30 pm

Have you ever looked back over a situation or relationship in your life and wondered how it became so messy or difficult? In the series from the book of James, Five Lies that Ruin Relationships, we’ll define five of the most common lies that have the potential to ruin relationships with those we love. We’ll also uncover the source of quarreling, how our words wound, and how not to make decisions. And together, we’ll ask and answer the question: do wrong beliefs produce wrong behavior? We will discover that when we confront the lies we believe, there is power in knowing and applying God’s truth to our relationships.


Starting April 4th a Bible Study led by Eddie Painter @ 6:30 pm on the book of James

Join us as we dive in to one of my favorite books of the bible, James. Hope to see you in the administration building on April 4th! Bro. Eddie


Men and Women: Lord Change Me by James MacDonald -led by Dick Smith and Nancy Smith and Michelle Robinson – Faith and Grace Cottage

Deep down everyone wants to change.

Maybe it’s not so small. Something no one else knows about. You’ve tried and tried and tried….and failed. Now you feel stuck. Overwhelmed. Guilty perhaps. Bad habits, anger, fear, bitterness, relational fallout. Does it seem beyond your control? Is it really? Or is something telling you there’s still hope? Because there is.

Remember this: There’s only one source of lasting change. And it’s not you. But He’s closer than you think. Just look up. God wants to transform you. He’s waiting now to hear your prayer….Lord Change Me.


Women – Unhitching from the Crazy Train by Sparkman and Phillips – led by Babs Williams at her home, 106 Morgan Road, Greenville, Ms.

You have a picture of how life should go. We all do. The dream job. Close friendships. Loving, grateful children. A perfect marriage. But more often than not, life doesn’t go according to plan. So we corral and control, determined to make our picture come true. Our emotional, spiritual, and even physical wellbeing are taken for a crazy ride as our very sanity becomes dependent on how closely reality matches our expectations. No wonder we’re exhausted. We’re hitched to the crazy train, and we want to get off. But how?

“Come to Me,” Jesus says, “and I will give you rest.”

Counselor and teacher, Julie Sparkman, explores Jesus’ gentle yet costly invitation to true rest—rest that is dependent on the finished work of a Savior who will never leave us alone.